13 SEO requirements  I want to make various internal improvements to the site, so let’s renew it at this time.” If you have been running a site for many years, you may be faced with a situation like this. However, when it comes to site renewals, it’s not something you’ll experience over and over again. You may feel anxious about where to start and what you should be careful about. Therefore, this time, we will introduce important items to keep in mind from an SEO perspective when renewing your site.

Be sure to clearly define the purpose of renewing your site

First, before formulating a plan for your site renewal, make sure to clearly identify your objectives: “What do you want to improve.” When it comes to site renewal, people tend to focus on cool designs and new features. However, if you want to continue  Vietnam Phone Number Data attracting customers to your site. It is important to create a site that takes SEO into account as much as the appearance and new features. By incorporating SEO improvement items into your renewal content in advance. as shown below. You will be able to prepare the ground for your site to transform into an SEO-friendly site.

Organize the purpose of site renewal

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SEO items to keep in mind during the renewal planning stage From here, we will introduce the SEO items. you should pay attention to when actually  Finland Phone Number List planning your site renewal. 1. Does it have a “tree-type” URL structure. A URL structure suitable for SEO is one that branches from the top page to the first level, second level, and lower levels. This is commonly referred to as a “tree-type” site structure. This “tree-like” structure has a structure in which the higher you go.  the easier it is to collect internal links from pages below. which naturally makes the site easier for search engine crawlers to navigate.


13 SEO requirements to keep in mind when renewing your site


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