But instead about the promise of what an ultra fast 5G network will do. Not only will it enable you to have a fast connection for rich media on your mobile devices. It will also empower many devices to quickly communicate to each other. This is key as we see the rise of the Autonomous World. Where intelligent machines can operate 5G Networks independently of direct human control.We conducted analysis to predict what 5G will mean to a variety of industries. You can read the full post to find out more.

Smart grids and smart factories

5G, combined with “network slicing,” which allows network resources to be allocated on demand. Is being tested with traditional power and factory models. In 2017, China’s Huaweidemonstrated a network slicing application Spain WhatsApp Number Data the smart grid. Showing how 5G can be used to restore power in 300 ms.  Reliable, and high-performing at a low price. Similarly, Ericsson and China Mobile jointly showed how these technologies provide cost-effective. Real-time. Therefore, and low-energy solutions for various manufacturing scenarios.

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VR and AR. According to Qualcomm

Social sharing at crowded venues (upload capacity of 12.5 Tbps/km2), 6 DOF immersive content (high throughput, low latency). And remote control/tactile internet (low latency). Kaleido partner Jaimy Szymanski extends the Estonia WhatsApp Number List thinking around how AR/VR and 5G will be technologies in tandem growth. Smart agriculture. . Therefore, lanner reports that 5G networks will provide farmers and the agricultural industry Smart Farming IoT technologies for tracking. The evolving talent needs of their innovation programs. Advanced Companies Focus on People Before Programs.

5G Networks will give rise to Intelligent Devices


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