What is operation? Third-rate products, second-rate traffic, and first-rate users. Nowadays, there are many products, but there are only so many users. Under the trend of the Internet, the functions of the products themselves are no longer competitive. The environment encourages me to be better when you have it, and I want to have what you don’t have. So how do we win over users? Today we will briefly talk about user operations at three thematic levels.

User experience

Today, with the boom of the Internet, many products no longer attract users with functions and hardware devices, but with user experience and services. When we look Korea Whatsapp Data  at a product from the user’s perspective, how can we feel the “experience”? In fact, it can be said from three perspectives.

In terms of down-to-earthness, it means that users can use it, the second is comfortable to use, and the third is beautiful. The user’s needs are primary. When this need is met, users will consider how to use it. Users often don’t have much patience when they first come into contact with a product, so our first priority is to list the key points where users can see them at first sight. If this is done well, half of the users will stay.

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After the user’s basic needs are met

it is time to think about the user’s potential AQB Directory needs. At this point, it is important to simulate usage scenarios. Because it is necessary to know what kind of problems users will encounter when using it and what their needs are. Just like making an online video website. The core functions are simple: video playback and video upload. And do you need to provide a sharing function? Do you want to recommend videos based on a user’s browsing history? Do you need external subtitles, barrage, and so on? Only with these things can we really help users use the product smoothly.

Users have limited patience. Therefore, we need to simplify the process and highlight the key points, including operating procedures, prompts, interactions, UI, etc.

A brief discussion on the three levels of user operations


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