This time we will introduce WordPress, which is used on many sites, and its plugin, PuSHPress. When you update your WordPress site or create a new site, have you ever wondered when it will appear on search engines? When it comes to SEO, PuSHPress has a very important function that helps search engines such as Google. I hope you will learn about the functions of PuSHPress and use them in your future WordPress projects. table of contents 1What is PuSHPress? 2Role and necessity of PubSubHubbub 3Introduction of for introducing PubSubHubbub What is PuSHPress? PuSHPress is a WordPress plugin that has a function called PubSubHubbub is a system that allows search engines to instantly index web page updates and page creation.

There are many crawlers around the world

Which circulate web pages via links. When a crawler discovers a page that has been update or create. it collects that information and sends it to Google, which Netherlands WhatsApp Number Data organizes the collected information and posts the organize information in search results. This is call an index. What is an index? Website links form a complex network that connects sites around the world. Links are often describe as spider threads, and the complex network of links is often describe as a spider’s web. The crawler is following this spider thread. However, it won’t be indexed until a crawler comes along and won’t show up in search results. Sites with fewer backlinks from other sites may be slower to crawl than sites with more backlinks, and may not be indexed for several hours.

Backlink A link to your site from another site

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However, as mentioned earlier, there is a function that allows you to instantly crawl and index your site without having to create such backlinks. This is where Macedonia Phone Number List PubSubHubbub (PuSH) comes into play. Role and necessity of PubSubHubbub After a website page is update or created, PubSubHubbub calls the crawler. Instead of waiting for a long time for the crawler. You can call it directly and have it indexed immediately. Taking a restaurant as an example, when you want to order (notify) food (page update, create. you cannot order until the waitress (crawler) arrives. But if you have an order button, you push it and a waitress comes over. This button is PubSubHubbub.

A WordPress plugin that instantly indexes Google with PuSHPress


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