When you start studying SEO a little, you’ll start to see expressions like “class C distribution.” As mentioned above, this is a concept from the early days of the Internet when the main class system was the main one, and if the first 24 bits of an IP address (that is, a class C network address) are the same, the same IP address will be use even if the domains are different. This means that the site is likely to be manage by an organization.

The links are from the same organization

In this case even if there are links from two sites If the class C is the same IP address, there is a possibility that  or person. Google’s ranking system is Spain Phone Number Data base on links, so this does not provide a fair evaluation. It is also easy to spam by posting links from all the domains on your server. For this reason, the idea that links from sites with the same class C are meaningless has sprea in the SEO industry. Even today, that old idea still exists, and there is a theory that if the link is not class C distribute not only is it meaningless, but you will be penalize.

IP addresses do not have a class system

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I don’t know for sure as there is no verification data on what actually happens, but current. So just because the first 24 bits are the same, it does not necessarily Croatia Phone Number List  mean that the IPs are manage by the same organization. . However, considering that there are only 256 identical class Cs, it can say that the IPs of linking sites are unlikely to overlap that much. At the very least, creating a lot of sites yourself and linking from them may  consider spam, so it’s best to avoid it as much as possible.

About class C distribution


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