After having receive the notification, by email, of the approval of the digital voucher of the digital kit aid program. The provision agreement for digitalization solutions is the next important step that you will have to take. The regulations that govern all these procedures give a period of 6 months to formalize such an agreement. If you miss that time, you will miss the opportunity. To take advantage of the digital solutions offer by this important grant program. The provision agreement for digitization solutions is a fully digitize contract or document. That you sign jointly with a digitization agent to exchange your digital voucher for the digital solutions. That you have selecte for your sme. The digitizing agent and the provision agreement for digitization solutions the digitizing agent. The company that will implement digital solutions in your sme, in accordance with the provision agreement for digitization solutions.

These digitization companies

Specialists in cutting-edge computer technologies, who have subscribe to the kit digital grant program . The subsidy program requires these companies to have verifiable experience of at least two years in these activities. Furthermore, to be part of the list of digitizing agents of the digital kit. They are require to have an average annual turnover of 100,000 euros. They Germany WhatsApp Number Data must also be solvent with their tax obligations, social security and without crisis. The digitizing agents also fulfill the function of guiding smes in the digital voucher application stage and to clarify any doubts. Choice of company for the delivery agreement for digitalization solutions this is the first step you must take, after having receive approval of the digital voucher for your sme. By visiting the acelera pyme web portal, you will be able to see the complete list of authorize digitization agents , and choose the one that best suits you.

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The number of digitizing agents

Accredite by acelera pyme exceeds 3,000 companies. This list is organize by the type of technological solution they offer, the sector their services are aime at, the geographic area where they operate and their respective website. Choice of digital solutions for the delivery agreement Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List for digitalization solutions the sme digitalization program has a catalog of 10 digital solutions available . Therefore, you should select those that your sme needs most. If the cost of the solutions you choose exceeds the amount of the bonus, you will pay the remainder on your own. For the digitalization of smes, the following solutions are available: design, implementation, hosting and positioning of your sme’s website. Design and implementation of an ecommerce with a catalog of products and services, shopping cart and online payment system. Social media management for the digital marketing of your sme.

What is the delivery agreement for digitalization solutions


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