This year you can give your small or medium-sized business a good boost! Take a look at this selection of the main grants for smes 2023 available to invest in new projects, growth, internationalization and digitalization plans. Enisa participatory loans top our list of aid for smes 2023 enisa is the acronym for empresa nacional de innovación, sa, an entity attached to the ministry of industry, commerce and tourism. Specifically, its purpose is to provide financial support by granting participatory loans to smes that need to promote innovative entrepreneurship projects . Basically, participatory loans are financial instruments that combine traditional lending and venture capital investment.

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Digital entrepreneurs in summary, the purpose of this line is to promote female digital entrepreneurship projects of emerging smes domiciled in spain, which are in the initial, growth, consolidation and international expansion phases. The ministry of economic affairs and digital transformation is the body that provides the funds for these participatory loans . The main Singapore Phone Number Data is that one or more women are shareholders of the company and are part of the administration or management. The company’s own funds must be, at least, equivalent to the amount of the loan. On the other hand, the project must be technically and economically viable and propose an innovative business model or one with clear competitive advantages. This aid does not apply to companies in the real estate and financial sectors. Specifically, the minimum amount of this loan is €25,000 and the maximum is 1,500,000. The call is open and ends on december 31, 2023. Young entrepreneurs precisely.

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Through capital or own funds. For the rest, almost the same conditions apply as in the previous line. The minimum loan amount is 25,000 and the maximum is75,000. Entrepreneurs for its part. This line of aid for smes 2023 is aimed at emerging companies in the initial phase, with an obvious competitive advantage and that need financial resources to invest in their growth. As for the previous category of loans, the company must be established a Belgium Phone Number List of 24 months before the application. Only there is no age limit for its members . By the way, the same general conditions detailed in the previous lines apply. The minimum loan amount is €25,000, while the maximum is €300,000. Growth its name already indicates it: this is a line of participatory loans for companies with growth objectives. In fact, its objective is to finance smes with viable and profitable business models, which want to introduce competitive improvements.

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