We are here to help them simplify the implementation of their local and digital actions so that they can gain visibility. And for that, we offer them a tool that is both comprehensive and easy to use . 4. What is actually changing? Changes are visible upon connection. The user arrives on a new home page on which he finds the main indicators of his network, if it is a network head, or its establishment. For its part, the navigation menu has been simplified with a new sidebar which only widens when hovering over the cursor in order to take up less space.

The interfaces of the different pages

Connection and modules, have been simplified to allow users to take action without having to make multiple clicks. The Reporting module has been WhatsApp Number List expanded to centralize the network’s marketing results, ranging from major indicators by marketing levers to specific action KPIs. Finally, at the Request of Our Customers, It is Now Possible to Further Personalize the Platform in the Colors of Their Brand . In Addition to Adding. Their Logo and Choosing the Color of the Action Buttons, Our Customers. Can Now Customize Other Elements. Such as the Color of the Sidebar. Or Table Headers. In This Way, the Platform Interface More Faithfully. Adopts Their Visual Identities. So That Their Teams Feel at Home.

Thanks to this modernized design the interface

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Of our platform is clearer and more readable . The user experience is improved to make it more intuitive. We have reduced the number of clicks, which AQB Directory makes it easy to activate marketing levers and access to information is simplified thanks to better navigation. Discover a preview of the new interface right here The Geolid platform is reinventing itself 5. Other developments to come? At Geolid, our priority is to offer the best marketing tools to brand networks and to provide them with maximum value. All the work carried out with this redesign allows us to lay good foundations for our platform which aims to be ever more complete . And the developments we are working on are based on this new design.

Alongside Network Head Marketers and Local Teams


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