. BEIJING , Dec. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Amazon Cloud Technology announced the launch of three database features at the 2021re:Invent global conference, allowing customers to more easily and economically expand and run database services based on their business needs. Newly released features include: a managed database service for customer business applications that allows customers to customize the underlying database and operating system; Amazon DynamoDB table classification to reduce the cost of storing infrequently accessed data; and the use of machine learning to better diagnose and repair database-related

The future of databases is in the cloud

As an important part of enterprise IT systems, database systems have quietly gone through half a century of history. As you know, although cloud databases Cambodia Whatsapp Data have only come late in the past ten years, they have been rapidly destroying the aging traditional databases. Data shows that cloud databases currently contribute more than half of the revenue growth of the database market. The speed at which the two are ebbing.  And flowing has been witness by all in the industry. For example, it is more like a footnote in the era of changing kings: Oracle, the traditional database giant, began to dismantle its R&D departments globally last year, and its major customer in North America, Amazon, announced that it will completely replace it with.

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“New Programmer 002: New Database Era & Software-Defined Cars” is officially released

New Programmer 002: New Database AQB Directory Era & Software-Defined Cars. Hereinafter referred to as “New Programmer 002”  was officially released. Created by more than 60 experts. , including the in-depth thinking of world-class technical masters. The development of cutting-edge technologies, and in-depth industry application practices. Using audio, video, graphics, text and other rich forms as a carrier It brings readers in-depth interpretation of the IT industry and front-line practice of core technologies. This book’s high-level industry analysis and trend prediction are suitable for

Amazon Cloud Technology launches three new database features


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