Good organizational structure and design helps improve communication. Therefore, increase productivity and inspire innovation. It creates an environment where people can work productively. Many productivity and performance problems can be attributed to poor organizational design. What is Organization Design? Therefore, companies have management and executive boards, committees, directorates or directorates. Therefore, these have a hierarchical structure. Responsible people are determined and grouped according to some competence and performance criteria. There are different title structures under these people, such as managers, experts, responsible officers and senior experts.

The organization becomes

A structure that enables these processes to be carried out, progressed and their performance measured. The company covers the design of organizational structures, roles and responsibilities, competencies and performance measures. To B2B Email List ensure that this design is functional and sustainable, and then to improve further, managers must follow the process and constantly measure performance. At the same time, the authorization model is also included in organizational design. In other words, it includes determining the key activities and cornerstones and determining the decision points in these activities, that is, who should be the people who will take part in them.

The design of an organization must be correct

Operate efficiently and effectively, and its structure and systems must be aligned with the underlying strategies. There are many benefits to having a AQB Directory design that suits the business, its employees and the environment in which it operates. For example; Increasing efficiency, Making faster and more effective decisions. Therefore, improving the quality of goods and services, Higher profit , Better customer relations, Safer working conditions, A happier, healthier and more motivated workforce, Becoming more prepared for future challenges However, if there are flaws in the design, an organization may face serious problems, including: Inability to solve problems Don’t waste your time, lack of coordination, Inconsistent work quality Legal incompatibilities, Reputation damage, Low morale, high staff turnover, Results below the target operating level. 

An Ideal Organization and Business Process Design


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