There are different types of certificates, which vary in price, reliability, browser display, etc. Choose the certificate that best suits your site. There are two things to keep in mind when doing so. The first is compatibility with the server. It’s possible that you bought a certificate, but it’s not compatible with the server you’re using, so don’t forget to check whether the certificate is compatible with the server you’re using. The second thing is about Symantec’s SSL. Google has announced that the new version of Google Chrome, Chrome 70, to be released on September 13, 2018, will not trust all Symantec SSLs and will display a warning screen.

The company is currently selling its SSL business

It appears that newly introduce or reissue certificates after the sale are not subject to this issue. For details, please see the official Symantec website below. Regarding Israel WhatsApp Number Data reissuance to avoid warnings in Google Chrome 66, 70 | Symantec If you are concerned, you have the option of issuing a new certificate from another company. Below, we will introduce the main SSL certificates that are not affect by the Chrome 70 upgrade. Main SSL certificates not affect by Chrome70 upgrade nstall on the server Actually, just purchasing an SSL certificate does not make it SSL. The purchas SSL certificate must be install on the server. The installation procedure varies depending on the server you use, so please contact your server vendor.

Depending on the server provider

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There are also services that perform the certificate installation work on your behalf. If you think it’s too difficult and impossible, please consider this. Certificate Japan Phone Number List installation service ▶SSL Store ▶Sakura’s SSL ▶SSL Concierge Step 3: Change CMS settings This step is only require if you are using a CMS. There should  an item to set the URL on the CMS, so let’s change the URL to one that starts with For WordPress, go to “General” in the “Settings” menu and change the two items: “WordPress address (URL)” and “Site address (URL.

An SSL certificate is required for SSL


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