Podcasts have always been a niche group in China. What difficulties do podcasts face? How can podcasts acquire more loyal users and attract advertisers to further monetize? These are the issues we need to pay attention to.

On the one hand, the commercialization of leading players is on the right track, and brand recognition has increased; on the other hand, the emergence of podcast apps such as Microcosm and Pirate Radio has stirred up the popularity of the entire podcast market, including TME, Kuaishou, ByteDance, and NetEase Cloud. The entry of music and other giants has pushed podcasts into the spotlight.

Music platforms are investing in podcasts because they need to find audio content that can increase users’ usage time in addition to music. Podcasts, which have been in development for many years, have naturally become an important focus. This unique form of content not only adds excitement to the Internet product field, but also stirs up the marketing industry that is hungry for new ways to play.

The Uniqueness of Podcast Marketing

The marketing model of any Internet product depends on its own media form. For example, the commercialization of long-form video platforms is inseparable from Germany Whatsapp Data advertising forms such as pre-rolls and inserts, while social platforms need to carry content-native information flow ads to speed up monetization. So, as a type of audio content, how can the commercialization of podcasts be quantified?

Judging from the audio attributes of podcasts, first of all, audio content can free your hands and can be adapted to scenes such as driving, running, doing housework, etc., and can also provide accompanying content services. Secondly, compared to text and video, sound has more warmth, can accurately and directly convey emotions, and provides the audience with greater imagination.

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But audio as a format also has its limitations

One of the most critical shortcomings of audio content AQB Directory the inefficiency of obtaining information. In video, a single frame can contain a lot of information, which is not possible with audio. In addition, because audio has strong continuity, fast forwarding or skipping steps will cause the information it conveys to be blocked. At the same time, as accompanying content, it is difficult for users to devote a high degree of concentration to the sound content.

The above characteristics, including advantages and disadvantages, make it impossible for the commercialization of podcasts to copy video content and text content with mature business models. However, with the emergence of leading platforms and the entry of capital, the podcasting industry has gradually moved from behind the scenes to the front. Many leading players in the industry have presented us with a new commercialization exploration path.

Analysis of the difficulty of monetizing podcasts


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