Announces enhanced response  The official blog for webmasters announced the response to “fake news”, improvements to evaluation methods, and algorithm updates. This update appears to be an internal project at Google called Project Owl. In recent years, “fake news” that spreads malicious information has become a problem, but this time the rankings have been corrected for clearly misleading content, low-quality and offensive content, etc. It will be. table of contents 1Changes to search rankings and search quality evaluator guidelines 1.1Search ranking changes 1.2New search quality rater guidelines 2Tools for feedback 2.1Improved autocomplete functionality 2.2Featured Snippet 3Will the search results be perfect

What webmasters should pay attention to Changes

To search rankings and search quality evaluator guidelines. Google’s algorithms find reliable sources among the hundreds of billions of indexed pages. but Germany Telegram Number Data about 0.25% of queries contain offensive content that users did not ask for. In order to prevent the display and spread of clearly misleading content in some queries. We have improved the evaluation method and update the algorithm. Search ranking changes. Google’s systems combine hundreds of signals to determine which results to display for a given query. including things like how fresh the content is and how many times the query appears on the page.

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We’ve recalibrated our signals to show more authoritative. Pages and rank low-quality content lower. that made headlines last December. * What is Holocaust denial New Sri Lanka Phone Number List search quality rater guidelines Detail examples of low-quality web pages have  add to show what types of web pages have low ratings . By adding more detail examples of low-quality web pages that include. misleading information, unexpect  and unpleasant  andun substantiate conspiracy theories. The reviewer Users can now provide better feedback to Google. Related article: Google updates search quality evaluation guidelines. Tools for feedback. Keywords that users do not want may  display in the ” autocomplete. Function ” and ” featured snippets ” that are automatically generate when searching on Google .

Announces enhanced response to Google search fake news


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