Cybersecurity is increasingly important . Those who attack on the internet are putting more effort than ever into stealing information from companies. Therefore, the time has come to protect your business data , regardless of whether you are self-employ or have an sme . How to achieve it? There are two terms that you should know closely: antivirus and firewall. In this article we tell you everything about antivirus and firewall , technologies that will allow you to improve internet security in your business and avoid cyberattacks that put your business data at risk. But what are the differences between the two? What are its advantages? Is it possible to use them simultaneously? Antivirus and firewall, two technologies that you should know we start this guide by reviewing the characteristics of each security system . Let’s talk about what antivirus and firewall are , respectively. What is an antivirus an antivirus is software that is responsible for scanning, locating.

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That you receive an executable file containing a virus in your email inbox. A good antivirus will scan the internal storage and, as soon as the file is downloaded to your computer, it will neutralize it. Depending on how dangerous it is, the antivirus will warn you, quarantine the file or directly delete it. What is a firewall let’s talk now about the firewall . What exactly? Well, a firewall (it is the most correct term in spanish) is a wall implemented by Iran WhatsApp Number List software or hardware that filters packets that come from the public network (internet) and enter the private network (lan or intranet ). In this way, the firewall is responsible for blocking all those packets that are suspicious and prevents them from entering the private network . Likewise, a firewall is used for other purposes, such as preventing access to a certain service or internet site. Without going any further, it is very useful in companies that want to avoid the use of social networks during work days.

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They also support configuration by programs

Finally, a firewall can be installed either on an individual computer, using software only , or on the entire network, thanks to a combination of software and hardware. 4 differences between antivirus and firewall that you should know antivirus and firewall are good protection measures when it comes to avoiding cyberattacks or establishing secure communications. However, they Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List have some important differences between them. Knowing them is a good way to bring to light their advantages and disadvantages. Basic operation the basis of the operation of both systems is very different. The firewall is a packet filtering system, while the antivirus is responsible for locating malicious programs and eliminating them. Taking this into account, we arrive at a question that is essential to resolve. Can antivirus and firewall work together ? Of course.

Antivirus and firewall main differences and advantages


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