Are keywords written  First, include the keywords you want to attract for each. page in the main tags of each page. The main tags mentioned here refer to the following tags. Title tag meta-description tag meta-keywords tag h1 tag. This is a standard part of SEO measures. but you shall also keep it in mind when renewing your site. 7. Is the site URL canonicalized? Check whether the URL is normalized, such as whether the URL has www or not, and whether http/https redirects to the same URL. In particular, we recommen that you always check the URLs of sites whose URLs change due to renewal, and even if the site was previously normalize, the settings may change even after the renewal.

The URL is not normalize search engines may recognize

It as a duplicate page if you leave it as is. So change the settings on the server side using an .htaccess file etc. please. URL normalization image 8. Are the Iran Phone Number Data breadcrumbs properly place? Check to see if there is a breadcrumb trail that shows where the page you are viewing is located on the site. Breadcrumbs in particular are an important item that plays both the role of navigation within the site and the role of internal links. breadcrumb trail 9. Is there a sitemap available for users? One of the important indicators is whether a sitemap is available. A sitemap page is a page that summarizes the pages that make up a site like a map, and in a different sense from a breadcrumb trail, it serves as a navigation page for users.

Site map for users 10.Is an XML sitemap

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In addition to the sitemap page for users list above. Check if the website also has a sitemap. Make up of an XML file. The XML sitemap is a file that informs crawlers  Germany Phone Number List about the pages within the site. so when the page is renew. The pages will change significantly. so it is necessary to prepare a new XML . Sitemap or update the previous XML sitemap. there is. XML sitemap SEO items to pay attention to depending on site specifications. Although the items are not common to all sites. We have pick out the important SEO items here.

Are keywords written in the main tags of each page


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