Are you aware of the There are many people searching for information on the Internet. This is an industry that is well-suited to attracting customers online. So, what kind of strategies can wedding halls use to attract customers on their own website? #Investigation method We will use the competitive analysis tool “SEO Counselor: ” to investigate the ranking status and backlink status for “wedding hall” and “wedding hall” related keywords. *The following 10 sites are eligible. Sites that rank high when searching for “wedding hall” (as of May 28, 2014) Top 10 in Show up higher in listings Get married soon result ○Keyword ranking When you search for “wedding halls,” many of the sites that appear high on the list are major portal sites that most people have probably heard of.

There are not many wedding venue sites

Wedding Wedding Venue_Keyword Ranking_Friendly Competition Marketing ○Basic information Each site uses keywords that will catch users’ attention, such as Turkey WhatsApp Number Data Japan’s largest” and “No. 1 review site,” in the title and description. I get the impression that they have carefully researched what titles and descriptions users click on on the search results screen. *Due to the length of the image, only the top 6 sites are displayed. Wedding ceremony venue_basic information ○SEO policy information You can see that portal sites have an overwhelmingly large number of indexes.

The sites surveyed are domains that have been in operation

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It is also interesting to note that more than half of for more than 10 years. Wedding Venue_SEO Measures Statu Friendly. Competition Philippines Phone Number List Marketing Anchor text distribution. Anchor text data for backlinks to the target site (*specific name will  withheld). You can see that the anchor text “wedding venue” has the most backlinks. Other than that, there are many backlinks by site name or URL. *The anchor text that identifies the specific site is hide. Wedding wedding venue . Anchor text distribution Friendly competition marketing. Research results/things I notice When searching for “wedding hall”. Wedding hall search portal sites are the most frequently rank sites .with only two or three wedding hall sites.

Are you aware of the wedding venue decision process of users


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