By posting testimonials Showing how much you value your customers and how you think about weddings , you can instantly increase trust in the wedding venue . Many wedding halls publish their customers’ wedding reports on their sites, so by modifying the title of such pages, you can aim to attract word-of-mouth keywords to your site . Photos are also a big deciding factor when deciding whether or not to actually visit the venue . Choose photos that convey the image of the ceremony venue , both on the portal site and on your own site . When you look at wedding venue websites, you will see that they use a lot of photos, but it is difficult to differentiate the venue from other wedding venues just by using pretty pictures to enhance the image .

It is important to convey the beauty of your wedding venue

As well as the strengths of your wedding venue . Different people place different emphasis on different points when choosing a wedding venue. Be sure to highlight the France Telegram Number Data strengths of your wedding venue on your website , whether it’s the food , the planner , or the location . ★Summary: Points (4 points) for creating a site that is strong in attracting search engine customers and has a high conversion rate (requests for materials, tour reservations) ○Second phase: Measures for users whose needs are becoming more specific ①Create content that meets search needs using compound keywords of about 2 to 4 words ○Third phase: Measures for users at the stage of narrowing down the wedding hall they will actually visit from candidate wedding halls. ② Prepare content for users who are looking for reviews and reputations, such as customer testimonials.

Modify the title of the existing case study page to a wording

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That will aim to attract inflows using search keywords from users who are looking for reviews and reputations. ④ Make a visual appeal by posting photos and Spain Phone Number List videos that clearly convey the image of the actual ceremony and the strengths of your wedding venue. Changing the title of a case study (wedding report) is something that can be done right away, so we recommend that you do it right away to increase the number of people who actually visit your wedding venue. By implementing long-term measures for users in the second phase, we will “ increase the number of users you can meet ,” and by thoroughly implementing measures for users in the third phase, we will “ connect the users we meet with visitors .’

By posting testimonials from customers on your website 


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