Check how well your site  Status is a feature that allows you to see the number of pages on your website that have been indexed, as well as data on pages that have been blocked by robots txt files. Since it is possible to go back and examine the past year’s worth of data, you can check not only the current number of indexes, but also when, at what point, and how many indexes there were. For large sites with many pages, duplicate content within the site can lead to serious problems such as de-indexing. Even in such cases, you can compare the current number of indexes with the number of past indexes, etc.,

check whether the number of indexes is steadily

Increasing or decreasing. If the number of indexes is lower than the actual number of pages on your site, this will affect the number of inflows. Make sure to index Japan Phone Number Data all pages other than those that are intentionally not indexe to maximize the number of sites that can serve as landing pages. Reference article: Only 3 places to see! How to diagnose your SEO health with Google Webmaster Tools Recommended feature 3: Immediately index newly added pages Search Console’s “Fetch as Google” feature allows you to see how your website’s pages appear on Google. It also has a very useful feature that allows you to request indexing from Google.

This function is useful in the following situations

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When adding a new page When updating an existing page In the above two cases, first try making an index request. Pages that have recently been publishe are  Ghana Phone Number List not crawl frequently. So they may not be recognize (indexe) by Google even after a few days. It is also recommend when you change the title or description of an existing page and want Google to recognize the change as quickly as possible. By the way, Google’s crawlers include regular crawlers and mobile crawlers. With Fetch as Google. You can even select the type of crawler. so it’s a good idea to take advantage of it. Reference article: How to get your newly written article indexe by Google within 5 minutes Recommed function.

Check how well your site is recognized by Google Search Console’s Index


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