Chrome will display Always-on SSL “Cheat Sheet”  SEO From July, everything will be available on Chrome. Do you know the new specifications of the new version of Google Chrome “Chrome68” that will be released in July 2018? Surprisingly, a warning is displayed on all http connection pages. No matter how good the content of a page is, if a warning is displayed, users will lose trust in the page. This can also lead to poor conversion. The Promonitor editorial department believes that “always on SSL” will become more important than ever .

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First of all, what is “always on SSL”? Nowadays, sending personal information over the Internet has become commonplace. On the other hand, man-in-the Indonesia WhatsApp Number Data middle attacks (wiretapping and tampering) by hackers are also occurring frequently. “SSL encryption” (SSL/TLS encryption) is a security method that encrypts and communicates personal information in order to protect it from attacks by third parties. It is easy to determine whether SSL is enable or not. Pages whose URL starts withare SSL-enabled, and pages whose URL starts with are not SSL-enable.

Always on SSL enables this SSL to be apply

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Not only to the form page where you enter chrome-will ID/password and credit card information, but also to all pages on the site. For those who have the Jamaica Phone Number List question. “But if the purpose is to protect personal information. shouldn’t it be necessary to support all pages. Personal information is no longer limit to IDs and passwords. Cookies and search word browsing history are also part of personal information. and there are many cases where login information can be determine from this information.

Chrome will display a warning on all http pages


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