Half of spending in the it , infrastructure, business process services. And systems infrastructure solutions markets will have moved to the cloud. This forecast from the prestigious technology consulting firm gartner is revealing. Taking into account that this investment will represent 41% at the end of 2022. Specifically, about two-thirds of spending on application What are software. Will be made through computing . This also represents a significant increase compared to the 57.7% that it will reach in 2022. Without a doubt, the acquisition. And updating of services are in the investment plans of organizations of any size and sector! In 2020 and 2021, during the covid-19 pandemic, many companies had to accelerate. Their digital transformation , among other reasons, to facilitate remote work .

The trend of acquiring what are cloud solutions

Since then, the trend of acquiring cloud solutions is on the rise. Now, what are cloud services ? Why are they so convenient and. How do they differ from programs and applications in traditional on-premise formats? Below, we will try to answer these and other questions. What are services? In practical terms, cloud services are computing services provided over Kuwait WhatsApp Number List the internet. These include everything from software for any administrative function to servers, storage. Databases , networking, analytics and artificial intelligence . In general, they are flexible and scalable resources with. Which the contracting company can streamline its operations and increase its productivity. Simply put, this is what we know as cloud computing . And “the cloud” is nothing more than the ability.

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Thanks to what are cloud services

You access the it tools you require in the “on demand” mode and request them from anywhere on the internet. Accessibility and ease of use are the main features of  computing . Surely, you are already using services, such as your email and collaborative work applications Egypt WhatsApp Number List offer by platforms such as google (g-suite) or microsoft (office) in their free versions. Another well-known example is your netflix subscription . They are all services ! What is cloud services technology base on? Basically, the main characteristic of computing is that the location of the service and aspects such as the hardware and operating system on which they run do not depend on the user. In this sense, the rhetorical figure of “the cloud” was applied to the old schemes of public telephone networks and then the internet.

What are cloud services or cloud solutions


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