For those core friends and active friends, in addition to providing our own value on a daily basis, we should also consciously and plannedly create some opportunities to strengthen our connection with them , otherwise they may become ordinary friends at any time, or even remove you from the friend list delete. In this way, we must strengthen our connections with good friends in our daily lives, chat more on WeChat, and meet more on WeChat. Help each other when there is some trouble, and complain together when there are troubles. Only in this way can the normal relationship be stable. The more frequent and in-depth your daily interactions with users are, s.

The most common way is of course to organize some gatherings

occasionally go out to have a meal, drink tea, go shopping, etc., and invite friends to participate. After this gathering, we will meet again next time. So community  Italy Whatsapp Data operations appeared. You can also organize some special events, for example: you get married and have a child, invite friends to participate, they give you gifts, you give them gifts in return, and then event management appears. The activities of getting married and having children are too big and may only be suitable for one time. However, some activities are smaller but more effective and can also be made regular, such as birthday parties. Double Eleven is nothing more than a birthday party for Tmall.

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So we need to create a rule so that everyone who contributes to you can feel your positive feedback.

So the user incentive system emerged, which may be a membership system or a user level system. In short, it is a set of plans to mark the behavior of all friends and provide directional value AQB Directory feedback. For your friends, no matter how close they are to you, they can get corresponding feedback from you. For you, you can also use this feedback mechanism to find people who really treat you well. . Even if this mechanism is very mature, you still can’t give up praising and recognizing core users!

Community and event operations: strengthening connections between friends


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