Financing the digital transformation of your small or medium-sized business is possible! You still have the opportunity. To apply for your subsidy from the kit digital aid program , promoted by the government of spain . One year after its launch, this initiative has already granted bonuses. For digitalization to more than 150,000 companies in the segment. In total, these firms received an amount close to 850 million euros. Keep reading and find out all the details to request this help! What does the digital kit aid program consist of? The digital kit aid program is promoted by the government and managed. In its capacity as an authorized entity. The main objective of the plan is to promote the digitalization of small businesses , microbusinesses and the self-employed. In this way, it facilitates the modernization of the spanish productive fabric. Digital kit has a budget of 3,067 million euros, financed by the european union through the next generation eu funds. Within the framework of the recovery , transformation and resilience plan. The digital spain 2025 agenda and the sme digitalization.

The general purpose of all

Therefore, These government plans is to allow smes and the self-employed from all productive sectors throughout. The national territory to incorporate digital solutions over the next three years. To streamline their UK WhatsApp Number List operations. Based on this, the digital kit aid program includes three different financial provisions, depending on the type of company. Subsidy up to €12,000 for companies with between 10 and 49 employees. An amount of up to €6,000 for companies with between 3 and 9 employees. Therefore, Aid of up to €2,000 for micro-businesses and self-employed workers with up to 2 employees. What types of services do kit digital aid cover? In its beginnings, the digital kit aid program offered subsidies for 10 specific solutions and services: website. And basic presence on the internet , which includes professional design of your website. Therefore, Adapted to any device and optimized for search engines. Electronic commerce . Specifically, creation and design of a functional e-commerce for the purchase. Sale of products and/or services, including digital means to streamline transactions.

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Social network management

Creation and/or management of profiles on social networks to consolidate your brand and build customer loyalty. Therefore, Business intelligence and analytics . This involves expert advice to make the most of your company’s data , to improve decision making. Customer management , through Vietnam WhatsApp Number List the implementation of a crm (customer relationship management) solution . Electronic bill . Therefore, Implementation of innovative billing software with the aim of issuing this type of invoices faster, which will be mandatory from 2023. Process management . That is, automate the operational or productive processes of your sme by incorporating an erp (enterprise resource planning) tool . In this way, you will streamline and optimize processes to increase productivity. Virtual office services and tools , interactive and functionalities to facilitate collaborative and remote work of teams.


Digital kit aid for companies and self-employed workers


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