Compare your competition  In recent years, people have become accustomed to searching online before making expensive purchases , and there is a lot of information on the web about housing, real estate, etc. Renovation is no exception, and there are many sites that provide related content , such as construction contractor sites and portal sites for finding construction contractors . The renovation market is expected to grow in the future, and of course the online customer attraction is also booming! So this time, we will conduct a competitive survey using the keyword “renovation” and consider what kind of online customer attraction strategy you can use to stay ahead of the competition.

Investigation method We will use the competitive analysis tool

`SEO Counselor: https: to investigate the ranking status and backlink status for “renovation” and “renovation”-related UK Phone Number Data keywords. New construction lookalike Keyword ranking When searching for renovation, there were four construction companies and two portal sites that were ranked high, and others such as Wikipedia and news sites were display. Many companies also have listings post . _SEO Counselor ○Basic information We often see keywords such as `use condominiums” in the title along with renovation. Many have simple titles and descriptions. *Due to the length of the image, only the top 5 are list.

There are some sites with quite a large number of backlinks

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The numbers vary depending on the site. The number of indexes is around 1,000 to 2,000, except for the “Newly Built Lookalike” site at  El Salvador Phone Number List the bottom. Renovation_SEO policy SEO counselor Anchor text distribution. Anchor text data for backlinks to the target site (*specific name will be withhe). Links with the company name as anchor text are the most frequently poste . Overall, there are a lot of anchor texts for URLs and company names. The anchor text “Renovation” is also a backlink. *The anchor text that identifies the specific. SEO counselor Research results/things I notice Sites of renovation companies. And portal sites are most often ranke high for big keywords such as “renovation.”

 Compare your competition with renovations


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