Data is no stranger to corporate HR. From the initial collection of employee information through recruitment, to ability assessment, and annual and quarterly performance appraisals, the data accumulated over time is not small, but it is really important to organize and analyze these data to provide But there are not many companies that make decisions for talent managers. However, whether you use it or not, the data is still growing, and with the emergence and popularity of new technologies, mobile devices and social media have also joined corporate recruitment channels. How to make full use of this data to support human resources

For organizations that want to improve their overall data quality, the first step is to understand the data management maturity model. This model can help you understand how the implementation of data management is a step-by-step process. Forward-thinking companies recognize a key concept: The cost of wasting ineffective data management is much higher than the cost of effective data management. Simply put, businesses depend on data. Regardless of industry, revenue scale, competitive environment and other factors, every company must rely on data to generate information that helps the company make effective

Data center, the next powerful tool

Some time ago, Philip Kotler, the father of marketing, mentioned many new changes in marketing in a sharing France Whatsapp Data during his trip to China. He said, “Recently, there has  been a change in marketing, which is data marketing. Every company is making a mistake if it does not turn to data marketing.” Especially in 2019, data marketing has become a must for many companies’ digital transformation. “Those who gain data gain the world” has become a common consensus among more and more companies. 1. Marketing has undergone tremendous changes. Data marketing is becoming the mainstream of marketing. The marketing environment has changed and it has become the consensus of the entire industry.

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When manufacturing meets big data

Big data has now affected all aspects of AQB Directory enterprise manufacturing, operations, and management. This article explores the infinite possibilities of big data from three aspects: customer management, optimized production, and supply chain management.

Small survey: How does big data transform manufacturing? The film “Minority Report” starring Tom Cruise and directed by Spielberg describes the use of technology to read the brain waves of “prophet” in 2054 to detect people’s criminal attempts and accurately predict criminal behavior. , and arrest criminals before they commit crimes. The “prophet” in the film is a “human being” with superpowers, but in the real world, the

Corporate recruitment in the era of “big data”


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