If you set up your category page incorrectly. Your ranking from search engines may drop and your search ranking may drop. Therefore, from here on, we will explain the appropriate setting method and points to be aware of when creating category pages.

Thorough categorization with just the right amount

Having too many or too few categories can make your website difficult for users to browse. Too many categories can make it difficult to find the desired page, while Brazil Phone Number Data too few categories can mean users have to click multiple links to find the information they want. Keep these two points in mind and make sure to classify your items into just the right categories.

Group similar themes into the same category

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Categorizing different themes into the same, category will significantly reduce the usability of your website, which will be detrimental to SEO. It is important to Vietnam Phone Number List categorize your content in a way. That has a high degree of relevance between the category page and the content it contains . [Promonitor example] TOP page → SEO → “SEO basics” “SEO algorithms”. “SEO examples” In this way . Article pages that include the keyword SEO are included in the “SEO” category.

Correct setting method and precautions for category pages


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