How to get natural links So, specifically, what kind of links are not subject to penalties. The answer is “Natural Link”! Natural links are links that are created when content is spread naturally and pick up by other sites in a natural way. This is usually cultivated through user evaluations. so it will be evaluated correctly by Google as well. There are several ways to obtain natural links: Ask a friend or acquaintance to introduce you It’s a bit of work, but one way is to ask your friends and acquaintances to introduce you. If your content is useful to many people. you can expect it to be introduce to more friends and acquaintances through word of mouth. This can lead to natural backlinks.

This is a win-win for both business

By sharing on SNS, you can expect the content to spread further and reach more people. It is also effective for related services and sites to introduce content Taiwan WhatsApp Number Data to each other for mutual benefit (excluding monetary exchanges such as increasing awareness). For example, with “Kurashi Nista,” we create PR and introduction articles for local governments, companies, and local governments across the country, and then have them post links to Kurashi Nista on their websites. allowing us to acquire natural links that are highly compatible with the content. This will also be disseminate to parties on both sides, so there is a possibility that you will  able to gain recognition from target groups that you have not able to reach before.

Contribution to external media

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By introducing articles from highly relate sites that deal with the same genre as your company. or from strong sites that have acquired many backlinks from Paraguay Phone Number List other sites. You can ensure the relevance of the sites and increase your evaluation. can expect to improve. In order to ensure both internal and external site quality and strengthen the site’s domain. Which is important in SEO measures. Contributing to famous media sites with high recognition and many backlinks is an effective method. In this introduction, we have introduc in detail. The external measures you  take to get your site rank higher.

Create mutually introductory content between related services


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