Emerging from financial industry hotbeds like London. More will emerge from each region. Crowd- and peer-based business models have impacted the hospitality industry. Transportation space, financial sector. And other industries as indicated within the latest Collaborative Economy Honeycomb 3.0. We’re now seeing the rise of a growing set of startups. The insurance industry that are enabling P2P, pro-rata coverage or crowd-based models that leverage the crowd. These emerging insurance tech startups include mostly peer-to-peer offerings. With a handful that are also improving the delivery of insurance through new technologies.

P2P insurance allows for more people

To be insured by aiding underserved markets. It provides coverage for gig workers in the collaborative economy, while UK Number Data collective purchasing yields preferential pricing (or even funds returned) to those subscribed to peer-based insurance programs. With most of the emerging startups acting as brokers, the insurance carrier startups are still forthcoming in the insurance world. Lemonade is a clear example of this (though they’ve yet to launch). There are several companies popping up for specialized insurance, too. From insuring cyclists to pet owners, and one Bought By Many that specializes in ‘long tail’ insurance. This means insure those items that aren’t often insured.

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On-demand insurance, for those who want to insure in the moment by simply snapping a pic in the app, granting fast coverage. It’s coverage for when people seek access over ownership. The map above of crowd-based insurance El Salvador Phone Number List startups isn’t complete; there are more emerging, and we expect for each geographic region to develop their own capabilities. See the table below for additional details. Sample of Crowd-Based Insurance Startups: Startup Category Description OnSource On-Demand Inspection On-demand visual inspection by a group of independent crowd workers trov On-Demand Insurance On-demand protection for belongings – home, auto, personal property.

Crowd-based Insurance Startups on the Rise


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