In the reproductive age, the vagina possesses a biosystem which under normal conditions enables a balance between lactobacilli and pathogenic bacterial flora. Which enables good protection against the spread of pathogenic.  Determination-of-the microorganisms. Including the spread to the uterine space. Lactobacilli produce acids. Mainly lactic acid and H2O2. Which releases oxygen and has a disinfecting effect. While through its own functions. It directly or indirectly affects the prevention. Of the growth and spread of pathogenic microorganisms.

The importance of measuring

Measuring the pH value reflects the Determination of the pH value in the vagina protection of the biosystem in the vagina. Therefore, The procedure is very simple. Using a stick paper strip or a pH indicator glove. The Netherlands Number Data indicator is placed on the wall of the vagina and after a few seconds. The color of the indicator is compared There fore. With the test scale from which the pH. value is also read. In the nineties. The self-care program was promoted. Which is based on the active participation of pregnant women. Which is the basis of the recommendations of the World Association of Perinatal Medicine in .

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An increase in the pH

According to this, every pregnant woman. Therefore, if she has the financial means, carries out the value Italy Phone Number List measurement herself. of vaginal pH from the beginning of pregnancy.  If possible twice a week. In case you get a value higher than.  Or you have some. Therefore, symptoms (changes in the mucous membrane. Burning. Redness in the intimate area, etc.). The patient should consult the gynecologist for the performance of other.  Additional checks as well as further treatment.


Determination of the pH value in the vagina


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