Determine pillar and cluster  Select keywords to aim for high ranking in cluster content Connect cluster content and pillar content with internal links If you want to learn more about long tail SEO, please refer to the following articles. “ What is long tail SEO? Explaining the benefits and countermeasures. SEO tool that automatically extracts SEO issues and supports higher rankings How to create topic clusters Finally, I will explain how to create topic clusters when starting a new media. If multiple article contents already exist on the site, it is important to sort the articles by genre in advance to avoid creating duplicate articles on the same theme. Create topic clusters in three steps. ① Selection of pillar content and countermeasure keywords.

Select the pillar content that will be the core of your website

Use big and middle words that you can expect to be searche by people who are interested in your website’s main theme as keywords for your pillar pages. However, be Mexico Phone Number Data aware that if the range of pillar content is too wide. The cluster content linke to it will become too large. example: Within the larger framework of “content marketing”, pillar content such as “SEO”, “SNS”, and “advertisement” can be mentioned. content marketing topic clusters Selection of cluster content and countermeasure keywords Next, select cluster content that is linked to the pillar content.

Utilize keyword selection tools to identify related keywords

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“SEO” cluster content selection “SEO keywords”, “SEO tools”, etc. Related keywords can be obtainedby using relate keyword research with a tool called ” TACT SEO “. By Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List entering keywords for pillar content measures. You can obtain relate terms as well as search volume and estimated cost per click for Google ads. Group keywords that meet the same search needs. example. I want to know how to take SEO measures .“SEO measures” “SEO methods” “SEO techniques” I want to know the cost of SEO meas. “SEO cost” If the search needs are the same. It is necessary to unify them into one page and eliminate duplicate content. By targeting many keywords with a small amount of content.

Determine pillar and cluster content in topic clusters


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