Different product characteristics  They also use images to reinforce their branding and add visual intrigue to their pages. Clear image of an iguana on a black background, under a title about the iPhone camera. All of these features allow Apple to rank well in search results and provide users with an immersive experience before they even purchase a product. Consider adopting similar approaches on your website to ensure good rankings. 5. Semrush – Keyword Integration and Page Speed The best SEO examples target different areas of SEO, like Semrush , a leader in digital marketing.

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They are masters of keyword integration, making it easy for Google to identify information they need. For example, you can see how they add the target keyword Chinese Overseas British Number Data in the page title, page body, and headers. SEMrush page, which includes the keyword in the title, first title, introductory paragraph, and table of contents. They also make sure to add the target keyword in the URL, which is an important factor for technical SEO . target keyword in a SEMrush URL Additionally, their pages load quickly, according to Google PageSpeed ​​Insights .

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Keyword integration is essential, but just as important is ensuring your site loads quickly. You can use tools like PageSpeed ​​Insights to get reports on your  Pakistan WhatsApp Number List website and see how and where to make improvements. 6. Meta – Answers to FAQs Our SEO examples end with Meta’s FAQ section, which is a perfect way to target customer questions and search results. the “Frequently Asked Questions” section, which lists and answers a frequently asked question Meta uses its FAQ to answer questions about its products. If you type these questions into Google, you will see that Meta is the first result, because it answers them and is the most authoritative source on the topic.

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