The digital bonuses of the acelera pyme plan are giving something to talk about. Many companies are taking advantage of this government program to accelerate the digital transformation of smes and the self-employe. Surely, if you are attentive to the news regarding small and medium-size companies, you have read or heard expressions such as digital bonus , aid for smes or process to digitize smes. In this article we want to help you resolve all your doubts regarding the digital transformation initiative promot by the ministry of economic affairs and digital transformation . We briefly explain what digital bonuses are , what fields they cover and what you should do to get them. What are digital bonuses for smes and the self-employed? Digital bonuses for smes and the self-employed come from the funds for economic recovery that the european union put on the table. In total, some 800,000 million euros are included in the next generation program .

Spain has a substantial part of this aid

Specifically 140,000 million euros. 3 billion will go to the sme digitalization plan, known as the digital kit or digital bonus . In short: this is a subsidy program for smes that is intend for digital Singapore WhatsApp Number Data transformation. This digital voucher can be use in various areas, always to improve company processes with new technologies. For example, there is aid for the use of cloud software , electronic invoicing or web page design . However, that’s not the only thing the digital kit covers. Digital bonuses: aid for smes in various technological fields let’s take a look at the financial provisions included within the acelera pyme digitalization plan . Being clear in which areas you can take advantage of subsidies allows you to make the most of them. Customer management software (crm) a crm is software that improves customer relationship management.

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Many of them have artificial intelligence

Generate reports, resolve conflicts automatically and offer better service and support. The digital bonus is up to 4000 euros for this type of solutions. Web design and online stores internet presence is crucial. Having Belarus WhatsApp Number List a professional website and an online store in which to offer your products helps your business grow. The funds to cover this increasingly urgent need in smes is up to 2000 euros . Social networks the acelera pyme plan includes a maximum of 2,500 euros for marketing and advertising purposes. In this area we can include social media management, as well as brand promotion on these platforms. Electronic billing it is no secret that electronic invoicing is the most reliable way to manage customer payments. Everything is done faster, with fewer errors and with backup in the cloud . The total allocate in subsidies for electronic billing management is 1000 euros.

Digital bonuses for smes and the self-employed


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