Digital consumer intelligence or digital consumer intelligence . It doesn’t matter what you want to call it. It is a trend that is here to stay. If you have recently read this term or heard it somewhere, but have questions, stay with us. Here we tell you what digital consumer intelligence is, what it is for and how it works . What is digital consumer intelligence and what is it for? Digital consumer intelligence or digital consumer intelligence is a technique for market research that obtains information from digital platforms. As a consequence, interactions on social networks are combined with consumer analysis using technologies such as artificial intelligence . The main objective of the dci is to improve decision-making within companies, having a more complete perspective of society and its way of acting.

By also using digital sources

It is possible to have a complete picture that includes the data provided by digital platforms . Thanks to this, we can talk about superior business intelligence, which takes into account the latest trends that have emerged among consumers. Why is digital consumer intelligence Thailand WhatsApp Number List important? There are a few reasons why we consider dci or digital consumer intelligence to be increasingly relevant for companies. What some studies confirm is that companies that focus on the customer when making decisions are more profitable than those that do not. This translates into very useful knowledge to direct the direction of a business more successfully. Taking into consideration what digital platforms “say” about a company or brand’s market opens up new opportunities. On the one hand, the data obtained is spontaneous and allows us to know first-hand what the consumer’s inclinations are.

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Social media posts reveal what potential customers think or expect from a company about the industry in which it works. Additionally, the information obtained from these sources serves as validation of the decisions that have already been made. Digital platforms bring out what the Estonia WhatsApp Number List consumer thinks about a brand or its competition. This is achieved through passive and active listening, the latter being a very practical tool when extracting information. It is good not to overlook that the techniques related to dci include monitoring social networks, but also surveys and other digital sources. How to take advantage of digital consumer intelligence? Up to this point we have put on the table the theoretical data that has to do with digital consumer intelligence . However, you may be wondering how all this is put into practice. Here are some examples that help you understand to what extent dci is interesting for your company.

Digital consumer intelligence what is it and why is it important


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