Diagnostic and roadmap from my company. Kaleido Insights. After our years of research on how large companies are adopting digital. We’ve heard that company’s are struggling to measure the breadth and width of digital change at their company. Finally, here’s a way to see all the moving parts. On one single page. A critical step before outlining future plans. We help digital and innovation leaders at large companies. By benchmarking the Digital Directive digital maturity of a company (over 60 criteria based on our existing body of research), document on a single scorecard.

Provide an actionable roadmap

A few quarters later, we come back and rescore the company, demonstrating the improvements of the digital program. Above image: The Digital Directive Scorecard. See your company’s digital maturity in one single image. Now shown: a customized roadmap to improve your score. I’m honored to have partnered with my Oman WhatsApp Number Data business partners Jaimy Szymanski, and Jessica Groopman to develop this offering and help companies move forward with their digital efforts. Below are some key screenshots of the offering, and if you wanted to learn more.

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On the Kaleido Insights’ Digital Directive page.as the staff that are repairing items are veterans. While their products are significantly more expensive than others, I know this is a brand that stands behind their quality product, as well Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List as offers top notch customer service. They’re not alone, I Twitter-sourced a few other examples of companies that have provided a great experience.I’ve received a great customer experience from GoRuck, a company that makes rugged backpacks and offers even more rugged-events that I love to participate in.

Digital Directive Benchmark and Roadmap


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