One of the most common questions about the Digital Kit program is the execution period and expiration of the digital voucher. According to the rules of each call. Which you can consult at the electronic headquarters. The Digital Kit bonus has a duration of six months from the notification of the aid resolution. Select digitizing agent and sign agreements Once the notification is received. Tou have six months to select your Digitizing Agent and sign the Digitization. Solutions Provision Agreements that you choose. This additional time gives you the opportunity to carefully. Analyze your options and ensure you make the best decision for your digitization project. Once those 6 months have passed. The unconsum digital bonus credit will be lost. Development and implementation of the service. Once the Digitization Solutions Provision Agreement has been formaliz. The work is carrie out by the Digitizing Agent in two different phases.

Which will have a maximum period

The installation, development (if necessary) and the corresponding payment. The invoice issue by the Digitizing Agent will be carried out . During this stage, all necessary actions will be taken. Implement the solution efficiently and effectively. In the second phase, which will extend Latvia Phone Number List a period of twelve months. From the date of issuance of the invoice in the previous phase. The monitoring and optimization of the implement solution will continue. During this period, adjustments and improvements will be made. With the aim of guaranteeing optimal and satisfactory operation of the solution over time. Deadlines for paying VAT The subsidy does not include the corresponding taxes nor. Therefore, the payment of VAT (IGIC or whatever corresponds) to the Digitizing Agent. In any case, you can offset this amount in the following quarterly VAT declaration as input VAT.

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Regarding the deadline to pay

Amount corresponding to taxes, it is important to distinguish between the first call and subsequent calls . Regarding implementation deadlines: Once the agreement is validate, both the beneficiary. And the digitizing agent will have a period of 3 months to implement and launch the solution. During Cyprus Phone Number List this time, it is expect that the solution will be fully implement and the corresponding invoice will have been issue. In the First Call, during those three months of implementation. The beneficiary must pay the invoice, that is, pay the corresponding part that is not subsidize. Such as VAT and the amount that exceeds the maximum amount establish for each chosen category. However, since the modification of the basic order in the Second. Call and the following ones, the payment period for the beneficiary is extend. You will now have 6 months from the validation of the agreement to pay the invoice.

Digital voucher expiration deadline and other deadlines to take


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