The kit digital subsidy program has digitizing agents as one of its protagonists . These are necessary collaborators to qualify for aid that aims to update smes and the self-employe to the digital world. Therefore, we talk about fundamental actors with whom we must partner. The aid we are talking about is what is known as a digital bonus , which comes from the next generation eu funds . These seek to enable companies to obtain digital solutions that, due to current economic conditions, would not be possible to obtain. Consequently, we are talking about something very positive and that requires certifie digitizing agents , since they are the ones who receive the help to carry out the necessary work. Who are the digitizing agents.

In order to work as a digitizing agent

It is necessary to obtain an official certificate. This certificate gives access to the kit digital subsidy program , which is active in spain and is funded by european next generation funds. This is the digital kit it is important to know what exactly the digital kit is , to properly understand who Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number Data the digitizing agents are . Basically, it is a state economic aid program that favors the digitalization of small and medium-size businesses. They are subsidies that must be manage properly to advance the goal of more companies adapting to the current times by taking advantage of the possibilities offer by the internet. Requirements to become a digitizing agent everything necessary is explaine in a very broad way in the etd/1498/2021 regulation of december 29, 2021. But this is the essential thing to know in the event that a company intends to become a digitizing agent.

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That the company is not among

Those considere to be in crisis, as set out in, of december 29. Prove that the tax domicile of the company is in the european union (the center of the activity provision must also comply with this). The accumulated billing in spain must comply with the following: 50,000 euros in the year prior to the request for certification in projects that must be relate to the Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List development of the activity of the beneficiary companies. Otherwise, you must have a turnover of 100,000 euros in the previous two years from the moment the application is submitte. If you meet the conditions of self-employment without dependent workers, the turnover must be €70,000 in the previous two years or €35,000 in the previous one (and always in similar projects.

Digitizing agents the importance of choosing it well


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