If you change the slug of the category page, the URL of the page will change, so the ratings you previously got on the category page will become 0. The slug here refers to the “pagerank” part (lower category) of . If you want to delete a category page, make sure to set up a redirect so that the SEO rating you earned for the previous category page will be carrie over. If you want to know more about redirects, please refer to the article below.

Points for displaying category pages at the top

Here are two SEO tips that you can implement to make your category pages appear higher on the search results screen. By optimizing the link structure  within Belgium Phone Number Data the site, crawlers can crawl more efficiently. You can obtain indirect SEO effects such as increasing the speed at which your content receives SEO evaluation. There are two points to keep in mind when it comes to link structure in order to get category pages to rank high.

Optimize the link structure within your site

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If a user is looking for other information within the same category, you can reduce the dropout rate if you can direct them to the category page. Connect articles Albania Phone Number List on category pages with internal links Connect articles on category pages with internal links Crawlers travel through internal links on article pages, so setting internal links will make crawling more efficient and maximize SEO effectiveness. Also, if you have prepared content on the same theme. It can be highly convenient for users to be directe to relate article pages.

Do not delete or change categories frequently


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