It’s not something you or I have ever done. Plop her down on the couch. put her feet up. click on the TV and enjoy a full season of The Americans. Netflix has mastere the art of getting people hooke on streaming content. Nick eouard. co-founder and president of LookBookHQ. suggests that we marketers create. Engaging content how to move buyers through the sales cycle faster. Like Netflix and lure prospects with content they can immerse themselves in. He made this point in his talk at the Intelligent Content Conference. Waste no more clicks: How intelligent content experiences accelerate the buyer journey. What does Nick mean by “waste no more clicks” In other words. stop focusing all your efforts on clicking through to a single (“dead end”) content asset. Instead.


Focus on keeping people intereste

Long after they click. Why Base on what Nick sees in his clients. when you reward those hard-earne clicks with “compelling” content. your Special Database best prospects move through the sales funnel more than twice as fast and are more likely to buy. This is because it will more than double. According to nickeouard. bingeable content and rewarde clicks by prospects are more likely to make a purchase. intelcontentClick to Tweet All images in this post are from Nick’s ICC slides and all quotes are from his talk unless otherwise note. Typical Marketing Approach: Single Asset Content Offer Marketers are great at creating “one and done” content. or as Nick puts it. “one and done” content. You create an offer that dangles a single content asset (whitepaper. presentation. etc.) and hopes that people will click on the offer and 


Provide their contact information

Single-asset-content-offere-example This approach has some weaknesses. Content is often a dead-end asset. Where does someone AQB Directory go after conversion The content looks the same for each person who clicks. There’s nothing personalize about this experience. You can’t measure engagement with your content — you don’t even know if your prospect saw it. While “offbeat” content may capture the contact information you want to start the lead nurturing process. it squanders a huge opportunity to increase the pay per click for the prospect and your company. Are you creating “stupid” content nickeouard intelcontent Click to Tweet What’s more. B2B leads rarely convert into sales. “The average end-to-end conversion rate (from initial lead to close sale) for B2B marketers is 0.75.” 

Engaging content how to move buyers through the sales cycle faster


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