Explaining specific measures What is page experience? Page experience is an index that measures whether a web page is highly convenient for users. Specifically, we measure a website’s page load speed and whether the site design is optimized for mobile devices. Google officially defines page experience as follows: Page experience is a set of signals that measure a user’s experience when interacting with a web page on a mobile or desktop device, in terms of something other than the value of the information itself.

This includes key web metrics: a set of metrics that measure

The actual user experience in terms of page load performance, interactivity, and visual stability. This also includes existing search signals such as mobile Korea Phone Number Data friendliness. HTTPS, and guidelines around annoying interstitials. Quote: Google Search Central About the impact of Google search results on page experience Page experience has become an important aspect of SEO in recent years, and it is known that it has a significant impact on search rankings.

Explaining specific measures It’s only natural for Google to pursue user convenience every day. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize page experience to improve SEO ratings, but what is the relationship between page experience and SEO? In the next chapter, we’ll dig deeper into the relationship between page experience and SEO.

The relationship between page experience and SEO

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Page experience has been gradually introduced as a ranking factor for search rankings since June 2021. As of 2022, it is officially used as a ranking factor for Belarus Phone Number List search rankings in SEO. However, Google mentions the following about the impact of page experience on rankings: “Page experience is important, but Google still ranks pages that contain more valuable information overall, Even if they have a poor page experience. , a page with good content will not outperform a page. But this page experience becomes even more important in search rankings when there are many similarly relevant pages.”

Explaining specific measures for page experience


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