A new feature in four countries that enables users to buy. And sell their used goods using Facebook connections. While Facebook’s strongest advantage is a network of trusted users. It must develop more sophisticated features. To compete against established players. But it has a good start, as the environmental benefits of Facebook Marketplace. Helping individuals reuse goods rather than send them. The junk yard will be of particular help for many migrating students. New families, or those seeking to change up their personal items. Market Timing: Existing Startups Under Fire At a macro level, Facebook joins  the startups in the Collaborative Economy Honeycomb are undergoing.

A shakeup as VC funding is being reduced

startups are being acquired, and regulators are putting the pressure on. The end result is that some startups are having Spain Number Data to fold up shop. Facebook’s market entry is smart timing, as it can be a trusted player. Marketplace Competition To the casual observer, it would be easy to compare Facebook Marketplace to established players like eBay, Yerdle, Nextdoor, Listia, or Taobao, but these players are far ahead of Marketplace. Marketplace could pose some threats to Craigslist local listings for users seeking to find people they may know, or listings from friends of friends. And the potential is huge; for scale, massive eBay has 164 million active users in Q2 2016, a far cry from Facebook’s 1.7

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Billion users in the same period

Four Features Facebook Is Missing: While Facebook offers a very strong trust graph of people you know in your area, Marketplace lacks Croatia Phone Number List a few key features, including: A payment system that enables digital transactions, similar to eBay using credit cards or PayPal. A guaranteed bidding system so the buyer doesn’t have to worry about getting the item. A shipping solution or meeting place (sometimes called a “sharespot”) to enable people to share goods, whether it be at local police stations or Amazon lockers. Lastly, there doesn’t appear to be a ratings or review feature so buyers and sellers can rate each other, especially if people don’t know them, to build further trust.

Facebook joins the Collaborative Economy


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