The first question you should ask yourself when thinking about creating a video campaign for youtube is: is it worth investing in youtube? And the answer is yes. First you must understand the size of the opportunity that youtube is. Currently approximately 17% of all internet traffic is on youtube. That is. There are millions of hits every day. From different users with different interests. Another important factor is the conversion rate. Which is currently something close to 14%. Something like 40% more than that of facebook. For example. In other words. A great tool to impact users through videos and engage them. Now let’s find out how we can advertise with videos. Steps to create video campaign for youtube first step to advertising on youtube your first step should be to have a youtube channel. And depending on the segment of your brand or product. Creating the channel is an important process. As at this point you will name the channel. With a good title and include the words channel key. Fill out the entire registration form. Including text about the company. Brand or channel. Second step upload the video or videos you want to publish. Create video campaign for youtube third step link your adwords account with your channel this is very important.

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Linked to carry out the campaigns. To do this go to the channel’s advanced settings and find the tab called “link an adwords to a video account”. Which will have a link called “link an adwords account”. Just click on this link. After that you will receive a confirmation email. For more information about this process. Google provides this link fourth step define your bid and offer UK Phone Number List the first thing you should do is think about a cpv (cost per view) campaign that you will only pay when a user views your video. Something similar to the cpc on the search network. This method is very efficient for optimizing your campaign and avoiding losing money. As for the value of your cpv. The same analysis applies as with any other means of online advertising. You must make sure that the bid is enough to generate impressions among your target audience. Fifth step target audience on youtube you can choose several options to target your ad. An example is themes. Which would be something like “beauty and care” or “fitness” another option is by user interests. So you can select people who are interested in news. Or sports or a specific segment. It is also possible to mark many interests.

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You find a video on youtube that is perfect for your campaign. You can include the video url as segmentation and try to print your video/ad in that content. Finally. The method best known to adwords users is using keywords that may be relevant to your target audience. Sixth step define the video Argentina Phone Number List that will be advertised and the user’s destination. After everything is ready. You just need to confirm that your video is conveying the message you want. And also that the length of the video is within the required limit. The destination link can be an explainer video on your channel or homepage. Depending on your campaign strategy. Now you already have a basic idea for creating a video campaign for youtube. Always remembering that google provides more in-depth content to further optimize your campaign. We also remember that this guide was designed for disseminating videos. Youtube offers other formats of advertisements. Which we will discuss in other posts. Worst time: from 0am to 8am. Furthermore. Weekends also have lower engagement. Tip: keep an eye on your target audience’s most active time. You can check this information on your page dashboard under publications > when fans are logged in.

How to create video campaign for youtube


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