Being self-employed is not easy at all. Self-employed professionals face endless difficulties and do not always receive the help they need to successfully overcome the challenges ahead. Starting a business is already a challenge in itself, and in the digital age, like the one we are immersed in now. We could believe that the doors of success are more open than ever for the entrepreneur. However, to achieve them, they also need to know at least a series of tools to perfect the marketing of their business and make its management more effective. We want to help you by showing you 10 free tools for freelancers that will be very useful for you. Google drive, one of the most essential free tools for freelancers. The first of the digital tools for companies that are worth knowing is google drive . It is available to everyone and you are probably already using it or have done so on some occasion. Google drive works like a cloud where you can work online.

You can consult your files

Work on them from any device connected to the internet, even from a friend’s mobile phone, tablet or computer, wherever you are. You can also share these with other people and work together, create folders, classify them, etc. Wetranfer for sending files freelancers constantly need to send files and sometimes these are too large to send by email. This can be a real nuisance, because Switzerland WhatsApp Number Data what we are looking for is to save time and speed up our procedures, so a difficulty of this type can delay us. Wetranfer seems interesting to us because it allows us to send large files , up to 2 gb. Another advantage is that you will know when the recipient has downloaded your files, because it notifies you with an email when this download occurs. Trello, among the best free business management tools for freelancers.

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Do you have employees

If as a self-employed professional you have people working for you or collaborating on your project, having tools that facilitate business organization is very important. One of them could be trello . It is a project Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List management software that has a web interface. You can use it from both ios devices and android devices. Trello is perfect when you have a team to assign tasks to and monitor how they are working on them. You can configure and customize it as you need, and since it is very visual, it is convenient to use. Users highlight this software as one of the best because it is very intuitive and you do not need extensive knowledge to learn how to use it. Mailchimp for email marketing currently, the growing use of social networks seems to displace email marketing.

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