Get an overall picture  The first feature we will introduce is the “Dashboard” feature. It can be used to investigate the status of SEO measures of competing sites. It is located in “①Site Explorer” > “②Dashboard”. Ahrefs Dashboard See the trend in the number of backlinks On the dashboard, you can see the trend in the number of backlinks for the target site. For example, below is the numerical change in the number of linking domains (how many websites we receive links from) of Promonista, which we operate. Ahrefs linking domain Can you see the increase compared to January 2016? External links are still an important indicator that Google focuses on, and we believe that increasing them in this way will naturally lead to results.

Trends in the number of organic keywords

You might think that the number of backlinks seems to be increasing, but if it doesn’t actually lead to traffic, it means nothing. That makes sense. In ahrefs, you Russia WhatsApp Number Data can actually see the inflow. Below is the trend of organic traffic for “Promonista”. Ahrefs organic keyword trends You can see that it has been increasing since around April 2016. Of course, this organic traffic is an approximate value and not an exact number, but I think it can be used enough to understand the trends of the site. If you look at some of your competitors’ sites, you might find one that is actually growing slowly.

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SEO issues and supports higher rankings Investigate the links you are getting with your Backlink profile The dashboard provided a recent overview of each site. Here New Zealand Phone Number List we will introduce details of the external links that each site has acquired. Ahrefs backlink details Here we will introduce three of them. Backlink With the “backlinks” function, you can find out how much, what kind of links, and when they were acquired. As usual, I looked at Promonitor’s backlinks. Ahrefs backlinks Let me explain a little about the items. “Referring page”…Which page is the link coming from? “DR”. The strength of the domain listed on the Referring page *Ahrefs original index ranging from 1 to 100, the higher the value, the higher the external evaluation UR.

Get an overall picture of your SEO efforts with the dashboard


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