Having an online store is a challenge. And many companies and sellers choose to use google as one of their main sales channels. However. One of the tools is constantly forgotten. It is google shopping . According to data from google. This tool currently accounts for only 20% of paid clicks in search. Meaning there is a lot of untapped, potential in this method. Initially. It is necessary to understand, what google shopping is . And the idea behind the tool is very simple: displaying products for user consultation. At the same time as providing space for stores. It is something close to a buscapé but within google . Another peculiarity is the way this ad is displayed. Unlike text ads. Shopping uses an update feed. Which is made up of several elements. Including: product photo. Product title. Product description and link. Below is an example of the layout of google shopping ads.

For this we use some techniques

Landing page title tag – the title of your store page is important for google to understand that the ad is in line with the destination. Images – good photos make all the difference. Of course. Google always seeks to show the best content to its users. Product description – the ad must Lebanon Phone Number List detailed. Containing all the, product variables. It must be as personalized as possible. Showing a difference at this point. So as not to be just another advertiser. Automatic feed – the feed has several topics. Which must be either filled in manually through a spreadsheet or via xml. In both ways attention must be paid to product categories. Description. Price. Etc. Therefore. From now on. When thinking about online sales strategies. Don’t forget to include google shopping in your planning. As it is a very important channel for greater, exposure and sales.

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It also points out the top followers

Ghost followers. Who doesn’t follow you back. Several useful and free features. Of course. Some information packages are only available in the premium version. But it is still a very useful app. Available for: ios want Bulgaria Phone Number List to know, more about social media? Click here and stay tuned to green’s blog! Categories black friday brand creativity design email marketing digital strategy facebook green digital instagram sponsored links marketing digital social media seo technology uncategorized, web design recent posts design thinking and creating exceptional user experiences main “e-commerce trends” for 2023: stay up to date 5 things you need to know before hiring a designer marketing automation. The criteria used for this, are measured in two different ways: domain authority (da) and page authority (pa). To do this. Some linkbuilding strategies are used. Which help to strengthen your domain.

Google shopping discover the main advantages


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