Google’s image search  For example, if you search for “Liz Lisa Skirt” and narrow it down like this. Mr SatoEh! I do not know! It’s true, only the latest ones are available! Mr. Atsumiterrible! I did not know. I would like to use it ── Google is very good at pinpoint search performance, so it has many other features and tricks. Image search “period” narrowing *Two people are fascinated by the “period” narrowing down of image search Use a search engine to gather “specific” information. ── We talked about the keyword “search,” but which do you search more often, search engines or SNS.

You use search engines a lot more than you might think

You mentioned that you use search engines when you want “pinpoint” information, but what are the specific situations in which you want to find Japan WhatsApp Number Data “pinpoint” information. Mr SatoWell, when searching for work. You won’t get the correct information unless you look it up on Google. On the other hand. I don’t use Instagram because there are too many images and I can’t find the information I’m looking for. It’s faster to open the image and search using Yahoo! Search. ── Because of my job, I think I have a keen sense of clothes. But I look at my followers’ timelines like I would watch TV or a magazine on Instagram, and find the hashtag of the post I’m interested in from the post details. Is there a process where you can download it, search it on Instagram. And then search it on Google when you want to look deeper.

Google probably accounts for 70% In order to trust

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If I look at a follower’s photo and think it’s cute, I’ll jump to the hashtag, check out the information, and then jump to the official website… It’s like finding Kazakhstan Phone Number List something on Instagram and looking it up more specifically on Google. Mr Sato *Deputy manager Sato says, “, we can trust information provided by people with the same hobbies. Acquaintances, and friends. ── Do you trust online reviews? For example, a certain site that is famous for food and drink. Mr. AtsumiI don’t look at reviews at all, so I just use it normally. I don’t have to worry about it seeming like a lie because I just want to be able to eat what I want for a price that fits my conditions.

Google’s image search allows you to filter by period


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