Good ideas and business initiatives deserve support. At this moment, your venture is probably in need of financing. And you are wondering if there are entities and organizations that offer help for startups . Perhaps you have a very valuable research and development project. Or want to launch a new product, but you need financing. In this case, you came to the right place! Because in this article we will briefly talk about the most important options. To obtain those essential resources to grow your small business. Enisa, one of the entities that offers aid. For startups enisa is the acronym for the national innovation company. In essence, it is a public entity whose objective is to support innovative business projects that contain competitive advantages.

This organization provides financing

Through credits and activities linked to risk capital to smes with transformation potential. Specifically, enisa offers five lines of financing: young entrepreneurs aimed at entrepreneurship recently formed by young people to cover the investments required by the business project in its Turkey WhatsApp Number Data beginnings. To qualify for this line of aid for startups , the company must have been established within a maximum of 24 months prior to the application. Furthermore, most of the capital must be provided by people no older than 40 years of age and they must pay at least 50% of the loan via capital or through their own funds. In relation to the financing conditions, the minimum amount to be offered is €25,000 and the maximum. Its maturity is seven years and offers a grace period of five years, both maximums.

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These ventures must be a maximum

Two years old since their creation. Your own funds must be, at least, equivalent to the amount of the loan. The minimum loan amount is €25,000 and the maximum is €300,000. The expiration and waiting times are similar to the young entrepreneurs plan . Growth its objective is to Brazil WhatsApp Number List support business projects of companies that want to expand their business or obtain competitive improvements. As for the previous line, it is essential that the company’s own resources are equivalent to the amount of the loan. Apart from that, the project must have co-financing to cover the financial needs of the project. If you aspire to a loan greater than €300,000, you must present the financial statements – externally audited – for the last closed year.


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