How can enterprises smartly operate private domain traffic? With the reduction of advertising budgets, brands have entered the stage of “integration of diversified marketing and product efficiency”. 2019 was the year with the most insufficient budgets for advertisers in the past four years. What about 2020? More bitter! According to the “2019 Chinese Advertiser Marketing Trend Survey Report” released earlier, among the expected proportion of advertisers’ marketing expenses, only 33% of advertisers’ marketing expenses have increased year-on-year, which is the lowest level in history. Or choose to reduce the advertiser’s budget by nearly 70%.

Clearly, the market lacks confidence!

However, although the advertising market has entered a “cold winter”, it does not mean that all media channels are facing the pressure of economic recession, especially UAE Whatsapp Data mobile Internet, which accounts for 30% of the entire industry. Although the era of public dividends is over, it is too early to say that the account is official. The latest survey shows that in the past six months, 67.5% of Internet users’ time spent on WeChat official accounts has remained stable or increased, and 23.7% of them have seen positive growth. In other words, although short videos and live broadcasts have taken away some traffic, the status of official accounts as media images and texts remains unshakable.


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Let’s talk about multi-channel investing How companies can.

In 2018, the officially announced price of 100,000 yuan.  And above occupied 58% of advertisers’ budgets. In 2017. This proportion was only 40%. In other  How companies canwords, advertising  AQB Directory resources are concentrated on official headcount accounts. However, this does not mean that 97% of long-tail official articles have completely lost their value. Taking a certain jewelry brand as an example, its long-term public account has been exposed 1.79 million times, with an average cost of 0.6 yuan per time. A programming education brand has greater influence, with exposures reaching 3.83 million times and an average cost of 0.3 yuan/time. A little adds up to a lot. A little adds up to a lot. The official account is a long-tail official account. High cost performance is the advantage of long-tail public accounts. Moreover, large-scale automated delivery is more suitable for entrepreneurial businesses than premium brand advertising.

How companies can create their own private domain traffic


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