As a WeChat public account operator, numerous account management and content publishing are commonplace. Faced with so much work content, how can we be target and make every operation effort pay off? This is the optimization direction we need to think about. “Data-driven” is undoubtedly the right direction. Data is us to guide the direction of operations, and the results of operations are fed back through data, forming a virtuous close loop. Well, in fact, it is simply to make the text content publish by the official account “measurable”, so that we can clearly judge whether the publish content matches the needs of existing users of the official account, and then optimize the content and titles of future articles. ,typesetting.

Here I would like to share with you content operators

In order to enhance the brand value of official accounts, I develope a series of measurement standards to quantify the two capabilities of official UK WhatsApp Data account articles: Title quality – the ability to attract users to click on the article Article quality – the ability to attract users to follow the account Calculate the above two indicators by extracting the following values ​​​​from the background article: Number of readers – the actual number of people who click on the title to enter the article Click ratio – the number of people who clicked after receiving the push Watching count – the number of people who click to watch and share Number of shares – the number of people who forward it to Moments Sharing conversion ratio – the number of people who are attract to read by retweeting / the number of people who retweet Guide attention


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Formula description

Note: a, x, y, z are coefficients us to balance the  AQB Directory changes between different values. Title quality = a*click ratio*30%+share conversion ratio*70% (a=100) The higher the quality of the title, the more clicks and reads it will attract. However, because the account is in the rising period, the fan data is always changing, so the ratio calculation is chosen to avoid the numerical changes caus by the increase in the number of users.

Two data were select as measurement elements in the calculation: Click ratio – the number of fans who click to read the push article/the number of fans who saw the push article Sharing conversion ratio – other users who click on the shar article to read/the number of times the article was share Among them, the share-to-conversion ratio has more value for attracting new users, so we chose to adjust the value of the share-to-conversion ratio to 70%, so that the title quality can better reflect the title’s appeal to potential users.

How data drives WeChat public account operations


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