When it comes to marketing in the catering industry,How does the catering the first thing most people think of is “Ele.me” and “Meituan”. Merchants have increased traffic through these platforms, but as platform commissions become higher and higher, merchants’ customer acquisition costs are also getting higher and higher. As Douyin is a huge traffic pool, how should the catering industry use Douyin for marketing? How to use Douyin to create private traffic for merchants is the next issue faced by merchants in the catering industry.

With the rapid development of the Internet

Traffic has become particularly important in the industry.How does the catering During the operation process, many companies are most worried about high investment Qatar Whatsapp Data  and ineffective results, and marketing and promotion are in trouble. In particular, the catering industry, which is of national concern, is highly competitive, so it is particularly important for the catering industry to do a good job in publicity and promotion.

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Douyin has been a very popular platform in the past two years

With hundreds of millions of daily active  AQB Directory  users. It is a private traffic pool that businesses and enterprises compete for. So is it necessary for the  industry to use Douyin to create private traffic? How to use Douyin traffic for your own benefit? Let’s take a g case to show you how to help the catering industry realize traffic automation. Promotion in public domain traffic pools requires payment. For example, when exposed on some search engines on Baidu. You need to obtain traffic through keyword bidding rankings. The cooperation price on Meituan is high and there is no fixed traffic. Which leads users to our private.  After domain traffic is generated. You will have your own channels for doing some gourmet catering activities next time. And you can directly send promotional information to precise customers. The more customers you accumulate, the lower the customer acquisition cost will be.

How does the catering industry use Douyin marketing


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