It powers our transportation, logistics, industry. Agriculture, homes, and the very digital device you’re using now. What’s the Collaborative Economy? An economic model where technologies enable people to get. What they need from each other rather than from centralized institutions. This has impacted cars, hotels, banks, retailers, manufactures, and more. How is the Energy Sector being impacted by the Collaborative Economy? You might be amazed to learn that P2P lending. Makers, and sharing are causing some changes. This week, I keynoted the North West Energy Conference. Efficiency Exchange, present were 500 energy professionals from utility companies.

Manufactures, and consultants were in attendance

I shared with them a few examples of how we’re France Number Data seeing bottom-up. Democratized startups enabling people to collaborate among themselves for energy creation. Storage, and sharing. Here are some of the examples I cited. Crowdfunded Solar Enables the Maker Movement of Energy. What’s a maker in the energy sector? Anyone who’s creating their own energy. And, perhaps, sharing it with others. Solar Mosaicenables thousands of people to have access to affordable solar loans. Gives investors opportunities to fund renewable power. And allows clean energy supporters the power to spread. The wealth of energy from the sun throughout their communities.

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Respected industry leader

Lisa Gansky , is on the board. Yeloha Connects a Austria Phone Number List Marketplace of Solar Energy “Makers” Yeloha is a new company that launched last week. They’re a network that allows for the sharing of solar energy between “sun hosts” and “sun partners.” For the 80% of Americans who would like to install solar panels. Their roofs can’t afford to.Yeloha provides them with access. To purchase solar energy generated by their neighbors. Tesla to Provide Home Energy Storage. Enabling Local Resiliency Tesla is now offering a home battery storage system for residences. The target market for these batteries are homeowner. Interested in backup storage from their solar panels in case of an outage.


How the Collaborative Economy is impacting


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