How to attract customers Only a few days left in March… the consumption tax will be going up soon. Did you make any big purchases before the tax increase? I’m thinking of buying a computer, but when I think about it, I realize that if the computer costs 100,000 yen, it’s only a 3,000 yen difference… Is it consumer psychology that I still buy it even though I think so? . Big-ticket items such as cars, home appliances, and wedding rings were said to have sold well due to last-minute demand, but when it comes to major purchases, it’s definitely a house. Before the tax increase! Has anyone bought a house because of this? In addition to purchasing, you may also decide to renovate. So, I decided to research the keyword “renovation,” rather than remodeling , from the perspective of a contractor who performs renovations, in connection with a major purchase.

What exactly is renovation

I’ve always heard about remodeling, but I’ve never heard about renovation! There may be many people who say that. What exactly is renovation? A renovation UAE Phone Number Data project that is larger than a renovation. Leaving only the existing skeleton (structure) and changing the purpose or function to improve performance or increase value. Specifically, this is done to ensure earthquake resistance and fire safety, improve durability, save energy such as heating and cooling costs, and respond to and improve changing building functions such as the introduction of IT.

It is a way to further increase added value while making

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The most of what is currently available. Renovation, on the other hand, seems to have a strong meaning of “returning an old or dilapidated area back to the state Egypt Phone Number List  of new construction.” In Japanese, renovation means “revamp” and remodeling means “repair.” For some reason, I had the impression that renovation was a “fashionable renovation,” but that’s not necessarily the case. It is probably classified as renovation in the sense that it increases the added value of a building by changing its design.So how common is renovation really.



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